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Sump Pump


Product Description
Portable electric submersible drainage pumps up to 400W nominal output.
Capacities to 240lpm
Max. total head 12m
Max. submergence 10m
Max. operating
temperature 50 degreesC
"A" suffix models equipped with preset length float switch for automatic operation

Features & Benefits
Open impeller, centrifugal design *Able to pump small soft solids in suspension *Less susceptible to blockage
Double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with hard faced silicon carbide / ceramic seal on pump side (D10 & D15 models have single seals) *Added motor protection *Long service life
Sand slinger lip seal *Added protection *Long service life
Corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel motor shell and strainer *Long service life *Attractive, lasting appearance
Corrosive resistant 304 stainless steel motor shell and strainer *Long service life *Attractive, lasting appearance
HO7RNF oil resistant leads with 3 pin power plug *Easy to connect to power supply *Longer life in dirty water


*Dewatering of cellars, garages, ditches, pits & ponds
*Pumping clean or slightly dirty water *Sump emptying
Decorative water features

Suitable Fluids : Sewage or *grey water of neutral pH containing up to 10% of small soft organic solids (<10mm OD). Some accelerated wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension.
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